How we are making a positive impact on Tampa Bay!

“I LOVE TBJL!!!!!!! Such a tremendous support to me during a challenging time! TBJL was a wonderful place for me to safely bounce my ideas off an intelligent career coach. The team was a trusted source during a few difficult transitions. They kept me grounded, focused, and moving along the best possible course.”

– Audra, Job-Seeking Candidate

“The entire staff of TBJL was extremely helpful, professional, and always available to assist whenever I needed to apply for a job, prepare for an interview, or respond to a prospective employer. It was a long road, but having you all to help me through the journey was invaluable!”

– Jeff, Job-Seeking Candidate

“The one-on-one coaching was extremely valuable for interview preparation, résumé refinement, and elevator speeches. And the SUCCESS Workshops provided critical insight into compensation negotiation.”

– Ed, Job-Seeking Candidate

“Thank you all! I’m a success because of the tools and assistance I received from TBJL. You have an excellent program and an excellent team. I have nothing to say about TBJL other than wonderful things. I hope I can continue to support TBJL and the candidates in any way I can. Thanks again!”

– Todd, Job-Seeking Candidate

“It is difficult to assign one word to the role TampaBay-Job-Links played in my path to finding a new career. The process began with a redefinition of my previous employment status and with this redefinition came a different outlook on my life. It was only then that I was prepared to actually begin pursuing a career. In the following days I received coaching and guidance from you and your team in the form of group, one-on-one meetings, emails, and even personal phone calls. I very much appreciate the personal attention and time you devoted to me and my resume. Your efforts made an incredible impact.”

– Michael, Job-Seeking Candidate

“After going through downsizing and losing my career of 15 years, I had no idea what the new protocols were for a seasoned professional. I literally had not looked for a job for 20 years, because my path always just led me to something. The end of last year, I found myself unemployed and unprepared to enter the life of a new job seeker. TBJL was a Godsend to me. They helped me to create a viable résumé and worked with me on interview techniques and presentation. The staff was by my side through my emotional ups and downs as months passed with no job prospects on the horizon. The “black hole” of job searching via online apps was frustrating and humiliating….it’s almost impossible in this day and age to actually talk to someone in person regarding an open position. TBJL continued to give me the encouragement to keep trying and helped me to at least get my foot in the door of employers that I would not have been able to reach on my own. I finally found a position, taking a 60% cut in pay, but at least I didn’t lose everything. As I continue on my journey, I know that I will be able to move forward because of the help and encouragement from the wonderful people at TBJL.”

– Pat, Job-Seeking Candidate

“TampaBay-Job-Links was a great resource for my small company and an aid in hiring a new employee. The referral process was easy and efficient, and we were able to hire the first candidate they sent to us. What a valuable service for an employer in our community!”

– Enid Gildar, MA, CCC, SLP-Speech Language Pathologist

“It felt great when I landed the job. There was so much that TBJL had provided for me. When I started to doubt myself, they helped to relieve my anxiety and build my confidence.”

– Toby, Job-Seeking Candidate

“Robyn (TBJL Career Strategist) really saw deeply into my cluttered past and helped me to create a plan to move forward. I am grateful to you all and look forward to the next meeting.”

– Linda, Job-Seeking Candidate

“Ladies, I appreciate the positive thoughts! I feel prepared and eager to make a GREAT impression. Thanks again for all your hard work. I know it is going to pay off. You all are terrific!”

– Naomi, Job-Seeking Candidate

“I can’t thank you ALL enough for all the support that you gave me personally – it was you guys that kept me going in my roughest hour. You were pivotal in my securing my new position. You are like angels!”

– Jason, Job-Seeking Candidate

“Thank you, everyone!!!! You all played a key role in my employment transition and I will be forever appreciative.”

– Pat, Job-Seeking Candidate

“As the owner of a Tampa entrepreneurial consulting firm I have an excellent source of pre-screened applicants for my clients. The Job-Links staff is so thorough in their screening procedures that they make my job of assisting clients much easier. My clients have been amazed and appreciative of the speed and quality of employees who have come from TBJL.”

– Richard Cohen, President, Small Business Solutions

“Thanks so much for today’s interviewing workshop. Driving home I thought to myself how much I appreciated that all of the feedback came from a positive perspective. Event the suggestions for improvement were handled as information that I can use to be at my best next time.”

– Jill, Job-Seeking Candidate

“I owe it to you and your staff for giving me the confidence to interview. I always felt that I was very weak in that area. Last week’s interview prep workshop was a turning point for me.”

– Larry, Job-Seeking Candidate

“I want to personally thank the entire staff of TBJL for all of their help with my career change. After being in one industry for over ten years, I found it very challenging to find a new opportunity until I was introduced to your organization. They were able to re-create my résumé for my new career path, show me jobs that were not advertised, and the most crucial part was the interview preparation with Robyn. TBJL is a vital part of finding my new career. Thanks for everything.”

– Jack, Job-Seeking Candidate

“I can’t thank you all enough for your friendship and assistance. You have all been such amazing champions with fantastic networks. You’re the best! As always, if I can ever do anything for you, never hesitate to ring me.”

– Susan, Job-Seeking Candidate

“I can’t say thank you enough! Wow! TBJL has turned out to be even more than promised! As I told Sheila, Robyn, Anysia and Nikki, I fully intend to do my part with TBJL to help future candidates.”

– Peter, Job-Seeking Candidate

Thank you again for all of your help. I finally feel like I am moving forward in my career search, which I could not have done without TBJL.”

– Meagan, Job-Seeking Candidate

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