SUCCESS Workshop

8th March, 2018 - 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM

PeopleMap™ - Understanding the 4 Personality Types

The PeopleMap™ System, founded by E. Michael Lillibridge, Ph.D., was designed to help people enhance their “communication” skills. These skills apply to all areas of life – at work, at home, and in your relationships. The PeopleMap™ System provides a “map” that helps to enhance your communication skills – during informational meetings, job interviews, or any type of interaction.

For individuals who are conducting a job search and working to attain their career goals, PeopleMap™ provides a window into identifying the type of work and work environment where you will thrive and be successful. This is the first step to job retention – for both the employee and the employer.

Facilitated by Robyn Winters, TBJL Career Strategist

Workshop Goals:

  • Understand your PeopleMap™ Personality Type and the Types of others
  • Communicate and relate to others more effectively
  • Optimize your job-search success by using the PeopleMap System™
  • Use PeopleMap™ as a tool and resource during interviews and informational meetings

What We Will Cover:

  • The Four core Personality Types
  • The Strengths and Achilles Heel of each Type
  • The Six Combination Personality Types (Primary and Secondary Types)
  • How to apply your knowledge of Personality Types during the interview process
  • Ways to adapt your Personality Type to the Type to others

Materials Needed:
Your PeopleMap™ Questionnaire scores and your Personal and Career Development Report.

Workshop Length: 3½ hours. Participants should arrive 15 minutes early.

Who Should Attend:
Only TBJL Full Program participants who have taken the PeopleMap™ Questionnaire

Cost to Attend: There is no cost for current Program participants.

Dress: Business casual

Jack Roth Center for Career Development
4100 West Kennedy Blvd. Suite 206
Tampa, FL 33609

Registration Required:
Seating is limited. Please register below, or call (813) 344-0200.

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1211 N. West Shore Boulevard Suite 300 Tampa, Florida 33607 Phone: 813.344.0200