How Can I Find a Job During a Pandemic? Ask Bob Barry!

by TBJL Editor

July 11, 2020

Bob Barry is a professional career strategist at TampaBay-Job-Links where he provides job-search and career transition coaching to job seekers in Tampa Bay who are seeking employment. One of the commonly asked questions is, “How can I get a job during the pandemic?” Bob recommends focusing on these three key areas:


At a time when our social movements are restricted, technology still makes it possible to network. LinkedIn is an essential tool for this purpose. You can start by making sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date. Most recruiters use LinkedIn as their primary source to search for candidates to fill open job requisitions. Make sure your profile will attract attention. You can also actively pursue and connect with other professionals. Post, “Like,” and “Comment” on articles in your field to gain attention. LinkedIn is also a great way to find and connect with recruiters and to keep in touch with those in your network. Use video technology and reconnect with colleagues you haven’t seen in a while. Maintaining and growing your network is a very important part of your job search.


As we spend more time at home, it gives us the opportunity to do the things we normally don’t have time to do. Professional development is a great use of the extra time you might have at present. You can start with a self-assessment of your professional skills and identify gaps, which may stand in the way of career advancement. Educate yourself with the never-ending stream of information on the internet. Both Facebook and LinkedIn can be good sources of such information, often for free. Take some online courses to add some professional certifications to your credentials in order to close gaps, and strengthen your skills to make you a more attractive candidate. Use your computer camera to assess your screen presence and practice speaking on camera so you’ll ace that virtual interview when it happens.


It will be a while before the workplace even resembles the pre-COVID situation. That means that workers will continue to work from home and, in many instances, for some time. Companies have learned, even those that would otherwise resist, that allowing employees to work from home is not only feasible, but it helps cut costs and bolsters the bottom line. Work-from-home will be part of the new normal for many workers. So, use this time to fine tune your ability to work remotely. It takes self-discipline to be successful working from home. To a job seeker, working from home IS the norm. The skills you’ve developed to effectively navigate your job search will help you to excel as a remote worker down the road.  

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