Sponsorship Opportunities

TBJL offers companies and organizations many different ways to get involved. Listed below are just a few of the sponsorship opportunities available. We are always happy to design to create customized programs for our sponsors.

SUCCESS Workshop Series Sponsor

TampaBay-Job-Links offers job seekers an interactive educational training series of SUCCESS Workshops focused on developing job-search skills, tools, and strategies to accelerate a candidate’s career transition.  Core topics include (but are not limited to): Interview Preparation (with live video recordings and feedback), Written Communication: Words That Get You Hired, Networking: The Best Way to Find Employment, Customize Your Résumé, and Mastering Change and Transition.  Workshops are held at the TBJL offices and at off-site locations, and are available to the public.

Approximate Number of Annual Workshops: 36
Approximate Number of Annual Attendees: 430

Your company can be the exclusive title sponsor of the SUCCESS Workshop series for six or twelve months.

Monday Morning LINKS Sponsor

Monday Morning LINKS (Leads, Information, Networking, Know-How and Strategies) is an educational and motivational program designed to help candidates prepare for the week ahead and to share conversation, contacts, and job search information in a relaxed, friendly environment. For the unemployed professional, LINKS is a “place to go” to focus on the job-search when others go to work on Monday mornings. LINKS sessions are free and open to the public.

Approximate Number of Annual Meetings: 48
Approximate Number of Annual Attendees: 1,440

Your company can be the exclusive title sponsor of the LINKS program series for six or twelve months.

Video Presentation Sponsor

There is no better way to share the impact of TBJL than through a visual presentation. TBJL is interested in producing an inspirational video to bring attention to the current challenges of unemployment, to share stories of our job seekers, and to encourage community engagement.

The video would be used in presentations to individuals, companies, and organizations, and at TBJL events. It would also be shared virally through TBJL social media outlets and will be housed on the TBJL website.

Your company can be the exclusive title sponsor of the TBJL video.

Appreciation Event Sponsor

Underwrite a TampaBay-Job-Links appreciation lunch, and give TBJL the opportunity to thank corporate sponsors, donors, and volunteers. Our community is so important to the work we do, we want to be able to thank and acknowledge those companies and individuals who make it possible.

Community Service Sponsor

Adopt TampaBay-Job-Links as your community service project for the year and get your team involved in giving back to the community.

  1. Host a kick-off meeting in partnership with TBJL. Educate your colleagues about the many opportunities to get involved with TBJL, such as conducting informational interviews, advice appointments and practice interviews, and speaking at small group sessions on industry or professional topics of interest.  (Five volunteer minimum)
  2. Conduct one or more office fundraising events to help build awareness and raise funds for TampaBay-Job-Links.

For more information about corporate sponsorship opportunities, please contact Sheila Solomon Rudd, Executive Director, at

1211 N. West Shore Boulevard Suite 300 Tampa, Florida 33607 Phone: 813.344.0200