6 Easy Steps Towards Achieving Work-Life Balance

by TBJL Editor

September 9, 2020

Achieving work-life balance in normal times is a challenge; add in the dynamics of a viral pandemic and many of us find we’ve reached a new level of chaos, anxiety, and stress. None of us have been through this kind of situation previously, and the lens we are looking through is different than ever before. The discomfort caused by the overlap of work and home life is amplified as both employees and employers react and adjust to an unfamiliar work-from-home environment.

To help you better manage your work-life balance, I’m offering 6 simple things you can try, as both employees and leaders, to help set work-life boundaries and make your days more productive and enjoyable.


  1. Create a designated workspace. At the end of your workday separate from your workspace by either closing the door, if you have one, or walking away from your desk. Consider packing up your laptop or placing out of sight.  Having a pre-determined “stop” in your day and separating work from home is important.
  2. Get clear direction from your manager so you know your expectations.  Ask when and how is best to communicate with your supervisor. Remember, they are juggling work and home life too. But don’t be afraid to ask your supervisor questions!  Remember, this is new to everyone.
  3. If you need flexibility – your children are doing at-home learning or you are sharing home responsibilities with your spouse or partner, whatever your needs may be, have an open dialogue with your leader. Let them know what you need, and offer a solution. These are unprecedented times, and you may find you need to shift your priorities. That’s okay, but it’s important to communicate with your supervisor so you can adjust expectations. 
  4. Block your calendar for intentional, periodic breaks if you can. Go outside for some fresh air, take your dog for a walk, meditate. Just a few minutes away from your work can make you feel refreshed and recharged. It’s important to take care of yourself!
  5. Refuel with intention – eat at least one meal a day away from your computer.  Taking time to focus on your meal and enjoying every morsel will help refocus you on self-care.
  6. Don’t miss the opportunity to be creative in your new work-from-home environment. Try moving your laptop outside if you can, taking a work call while on a walk around the block, or having a FaceTime lunch with a friend.


  1. Recognize team members may be struggling to manage work-from-home. Ask what considerations they may need to be successful.  Come up with creative and unique opportunities for flexibility and success.
  2. Approach your employees with empathy and compassion.  Assume the best intentions, and know that no one sets out to disappoint.
  3. Trust your team. Don’t wonder what they are doing at home unless they give you reason to be concerned. Trust that you hired the right people. 
  4. Schedule an hour a day of uninterrupted time dedicated to catching up! While the majority of your day may be spent touching base with your team and ensuring everyone is safe and productive, some dedicated “thinking time” on your calendar will ensure your tasks are taken care of, too.
  5. Set the expectations with your team that if you email them after hours, they know you are not expecting them to respond.  With employees’ laptops just feet away, there may be a tendency for them to overwork.  Let’s work to reduce the risk of burnout. 
  6. Leverage your team and delegate.  Your team is eager to serve, and you may have too much on your plate.  Start delegating, and see the accountability on your team increase and their engagement rise.

Now more then ever it is important to stay healthy and safe.  This starts with balance.  Balancing work-from-home is just one aspect of our new norm. As we adjust to not seeing our coworkers every day and not being able to stop by our boss’s desk, communication and transparency are key up and down the organization. 

If we look through the eyes of compassion and assume the best intentions of our coworkers, we will find that our workday adjusts and modifies to serve the employees, the employer, and the customers beyond expectations.

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Wishing you health, safety and much success, 


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