5 Steps Women Can Take When Transitioning Back to Work

by Sheila Solomon Rudd, Executive Director

November 22, 2016

id-100234383You’ve had the full-time job of raising kids for several years, and now you feel it’s time to return to the workforce. Where do you begin?

Juggling a career and family is challenging – and just the thought of returning to work can be overwhelming. By learning how to pursue a career path that is a “good fit” for your interests, values, and skills, you can attain satisfaction and success at work which may also add to your enjoyment of motherhood.

So – how do you know what is the “right” career path? Dedicate time to identifying what you’re most passionate about and how to turn that passion into a craft. Think of your job-search process as an opportunity to pursue what is “right” for you at this stage of your life.


Here are 5 job-search tips to finding a career you love.


1. Perform a Career Evaluation Starting with Identifying Your Interests

Most often, women automatically think because they’re returning to work, they should return to the same career. Your way of thinking and priorities can change after having children. Therefore, the job you had before may not fit with your current interests. Find out what sparks your curiosity most. It may be unconventional or less traditional than what you’re used to. Yet, your present-day interests could be the deciding factor in the direction you’d like to go.


2. Create a Value List

Start with defining what a career means to you. Does it mean more money? Little commute time? A big corner office? A unique culture? Consider the factors which are most valuable to you and rank them in order of importance. Make sure you include non-tangible and non-negotiable aspects that will seal-the-deal or become deal-breakers.


3. Pursue Your Value List

The goal is not finding just “any job,” rather it’s about uncovering the right position with the right company. Don’t let the six digit salary, the charming people who interview you, or the free gourmet coffee sway your decision to accept a job – if you believe that the company culture doesn’t meet your expectations and align with your values.


4. Create a Stellar Résumé

Now that you’ve gone through steps 1-3, performing a career interest and values assessment and seeking-out companies that share the same values, it’s time to develop an outstanding résumé that showcases your personal brand and outlines your accomplishments. Your résumé should articulate your level within an organization/company, define your accomplishments and how they impacted those organizations/companies, and emphasize your unique ability to solve problems in a business/industry.


5. Perfect Your Interviewing Skills

As they say, practice makes perfect, or as close to perfect as possible. Since your résumé and/or networking skills earned you the interview, your next step is to ensure the interviewer that you are the best candidate for the position and to make sure this position is a good fit for you.

By practicing the art of interviewing, you will learn about the company, the person conducting the interview (if possible), and the role you’re hoping to full-fill. Prepare your answers to common questions about the position itself and for the industry it’s related to. You should also prepare to ask questions related to your role and the company criteria related to your value list.

Finally, practice your answers and their delivery. This will help you build confidence which is critical when interviewing.

Although there are several factors to put in place before you begin your transition back work, once you get going, you’ll begin to build your self-assurance. When you have a plan in motion, you’ll soon start to realize how you can be successful as a mom and as a professional, simultaneously.

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TBJL Executive Director, Sheila Solomon Rudd, has nearly 30-years of experience as a volunteer leader for community organizations and has a passion for making a difference in people’s lives.


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