About – Overview

TampaBay-Job-Links is an innovative 501(c)3 non-profit organization that brings community together to help people find jobs.

In 2010, as a response to the high unemployment and underemployment rates in the Tampa Bay area, a grassroots initiative emerged. In 2011, TampaBay-Job-Links was established as a non-profit organization and became a member of the International Association of Jewish Vocational Services (IAJVS).

TampaBay-Job-Links offers job seekers individualized job search support services and opens doors to job and networking opportunities. We offer solutions to dislocated workers and recent college graduates who are looking for employment

• By preparing job seekers with the skills necessary to conduct an effective job search,
• By guiding job seekers in the development of a strategic self-marketing plan.
• By mobilizing the community, and
• By opening doors to business leaders.

The mission and vision of TampaBay-Job-Links are inspired by the Maimonides teaching that the highest level of tzedakah (religious obligation) is giving a job. We believe that every unemployed person deserves an opportunity to work and to provide for his or her family and self.

TampaBay-Job-Links is not a recruiting firm or job placement program, and TampaBay-Job-Links does not run background checks on job seekers or screen or verify the accuracy of the candidates’ information. Employers perform “due diligence” themselves and contact potential candidates directly to arrange for interviews.

There is no remuneration to TampaBay-Job-Links from the employer.

4100 West Kennedy Boulevard Suite #206 Tampa, Florida 33609 Phone: 813.344.0200